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About Us

For more than 40 years we develop and manufacture safety products. Products of our GEMINY brand are always made of full steel and are all manufactured in Germany. A GEMINY lock has one of 22 billion possible locking codes. These are solid arguments that protect property, keys, money and other valuable things. Therefore, companies like the German railway, the hospital operator Asklepios, the vending machine manufacturer Scheidt & Bachmann and the Prison of Würzburg rely on the protection of GEMINY products.

More Services

Based on our decades of experience, we have offer other services. This includes:

Risk Analyses

We offer risk analyzes in different segments. The main fields here are enterprise security and product safety. To the second point, see the next section for further information. In the field of corporate security, we are can advise you - whether at the planning stage or in existing buildings - to clarify about avoidable risks.

Product Testing

We do not only offer our customers product solutions in the field of safety technology. We also provide other manufacturers of safety technology the opportunity to test their products to point out weaknesses. Before the product launch or in the case of identified problems at existing products. If problems are found we point to them and work out possible solutions.


Latest News

  • Classic-Model

    Our proven GEMINY Classic-fitting got a new, even more sophisticated design.

  • MaxiCashCenter-Model

    Our product range of vending machine security has been enhanced with the MaxiCashCenter model.

  • Van Lock

    With our vans lock, you now have the opportunity to protect your vehicles reliable.

  • Window Security

    From now on our new window security products are available. They protects against outbreak and escape.

GEMINY References

  • Boullet France

    Boullet France

    GEMINY protects doors of transmission towers and transmitters for mobile communication even against nesting insects.

  • German Railways

    German Railways

    GEMINY protects the cylinder locks at the ticket vending machines of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) against burglary and vandalism.

  • Telecom Austria

    Telecom Austria

    GEMINY protects coin operated payphones of Telecom in Austria against burglary and vandalism.

  • Berlin Transport Authority

    Berlin Transport Authority

    GEMINY protects the ticket machines of the Berlin transport companies against burglary and vandalism.

Feeling secure or being secure?

GEMINY makes the difference

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