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A special challenge for safety solutions always exist in the field of vending machine security. That's not surprising, because automats contain large sums of cash and not every device stands directly in the town square where a break-in attempt can be immediately detected and reported. Especially ticket machines by railway and car park businesses are in the focus of burglars. Discharge times are scouted out to make the highest possible haul. The risk of getting caught is low as there are various possibilities of escape. Our GEMINY products protect machines active against all known burglary techniques.




The machine is protected by the use of the three-part ICA rosette and the machine door is also mechanically locked. The machine therefore has additional protection against prying open.
GEMINY Rim Lock-Model

GEMINY Rim Lock-Model

Your existing rim lock may well provide very good security. However, its weak point is the outer cylinder. Our GEMINY DBK-Lock escutcheon solves this problem and protects the lock.



The AK Rosette was produced as a special order for the vending machine manufacturer Krauth-Technology and is used in mobile machines.

Latest News

  • Classic-Model

    Our proven GEMINY Classic-fitting got a new, even more sophisticated design.

  • MaxiCashCenter-Model

    Our product range of vending machine security has been enhanced with the MaxiCashCenter model.

  • Van Lock

    With our vans lock, you now have the opportunity to protect your vehicles reliable.

  • Window Security

    From now on our new window security products are available. They protects against outbreak and escape.

GEMINY References

  • Boullet France

    Boullet France

    GEMINY protects doors of transmission towers and transmitters for mobile communication even against nesting insects.

  • German Railways

    German Railways

    GEMINY protects the cylinder locks at the ticket vending machines of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) against burglary and vandalism.

  • Telecom Austria

    Telecom Austria

    GEMINY protects coin operated payphones of Telecom in Austria against burglary and vandalism.

  • Berlin Transport Authority

    Berlin Transport Authority

    GEMINY protects the ticket machines of the Berlin transport companies against burglary and vandalism.

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