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Especially in schools and public buildings the topic of window security always a gray area. It is not about the protection against burglary, but the question: Who is allowed to open the window? A general closure of the window is not desired in most cases. Especially in forensic psychiatry and prisons, the consideration goes a step further. For reasons of suicide prevention a window handle must not exist there. In practice it has also been found that the bolt mechanism of windows can be manipulated and overcome by available tools like clothes hanger. Also tilted windows can be opened completely without major problems. To eliminate these problems, we have developed the GEMINY window lock.


GEMINY Window Lock

GEMINY Window Lock

The fuse conceals the square, has sloping surfaces and can be equipped with a square lock. It can be easily defined whether and by whom windows may be opened. It can prevent escapes and suicide.

The GEMINY window lock was tested by the Test Center for Building Elements (PfB Rosenheim) for outbreak inhibition & amp; Suicide prevention tested and certified.

GEMINY Wondow stopper

GEMINY Wondow stopper

If there is a risk that tipped windows will be torn from the anchorage, then make sure that the opening is limited and can not be leveraged. The window stopper has been specially developed for this purpose. It can be quickly removed with the correct key for cleaning and maintenance. In a matter of seconds the window can be fully opened again.

Latest News

  • Classic-Model

    Our proven GEMINY Classic-fitting got a new, even more sophisticated design.

  • MaxiCashCenter-Model

    Our product range of vending machine security has been enhanced with the MaxiCashCenter model.

  • Van Lock

    With our vans lock, you now have the opportunity to protect your vehicles reliable.

  • Window Security

    From now on our new window security products are available. They protects against outbreak and escape.

GEMINY References

  • Boullet France

    Boullet France

    GEMINY protects doors of transmission towers and transmitters for mobile communication even against nesting insects.

  • German Railways

    German Railways

    GEMINY protects the cylinder locks at the ticket vending machines of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) against burglary and vandalism.

  • Telecom Austria

    Telecom Austria

    GEMINY protects coin operated payphones of Telecom in Austria against burglary and vandalism.

  • Berlin Transport Authority

    Berlin Transport Authority

    GEMINY protects the ticket machines of the Berlin transport companies against burglary and vandalism.

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